(Peter Segall / Juneau Empire File)

(Peter Segall / Juneau Empire File)

Opinion: A ferry crossing is better than a bridge

Hello, l live at 5 Mile on North Douglas Highway with my family (children and grandchildren). We watch the planes and jets come in very low over the channel. Because of the terrain the pilots have a limited flight path. Do our pilots want an obstruction like a bridge in their path? The second concern is the priceless ecosystem of the wildlife management area. Hundreds of birds come there most likely for the fish. Do our tourists want to see traffic going through this unique/delicate wetland? Finally, does the traffic demand warrant the expense of a bridge? Could the study include the cost of maintenance of a bridge and the burden to the taxpayer? This is important information to have to help us in our decision. I think a ferry (we already have Auke Bay terminal ) would have less environmental damage and cost less over time to the taxpayer. The tourists might enjoy a short ride to the Northwest side of Douglas Island.

Karen Bogert,


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