Letter: We need to make changes to mental health care

Alaska has tried just about every program and approach to address the negative effects of depression, mental illness and disabilities, except constructive criticism.

A number of years ago a group of college students created a robot whose sole purpose was to wander the hallways seeking a plug-in. The robot would plug itself in, charge itself up, and then seek a new plug-in.

State agencies and many non-profits in the drive for funding lose sight of their state objective — helping the clients (mental health trust beneficiaries).

As a state, we have to address improving basic rights and quality of care for the disabled. Giving the disabled or those with mental illness the right to be treated fairly and with dignity is more powerful and beneficial and should be first on the list, as opposed to just creating new programs.

We have a choice. As a state we can continue roaming the hall looking for a plug-in or we can make changes.

Dorrance Collins and Faith Myers