Letter: Vote for Ken Koelsch

The State of Alaska and the City and Borough of Juneau are facing tough times. The huge fiscal shortfall faced by the state is going to filter down to the municipal level as capital project funds dry up, municipal assistance programs are drastically cut, and education and health and social services are slashed as well. If there was ever a time when Juneau needed a steady and thoughtful hand at the helm, it is now.

On March 15, we will elect a new mayor of our city. We can ill afford to continue down the fiscal path we have traveled where our existence is tied to unlimited state and municipal spending. We need a leader who can think “outside the box,” so to speak, and one who can encourage an attitude of innovative thinking to accept the challenges ahead. We need a leader who unites rather than divides the residents of our community. We desperately need someone who is willing to listen carefully and rationally to the pleas, suggestions and recommendations of our citizens.

We believe that Ken Koelsch is best qualified to fill this role at this time. He has demonstrated his passion for our community by outstanding performances as a teacher, Assembly member, deputy mayor, public servant and equally important as an involved private citizen. He has demonstrated a rational approach to fiscal policies, which we desperately need. He has illustrated an ability to search for solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. Ken has the ability to get people to communicate with each other, rather than fight with each other.

Join us in electing a real leader who has the respect of the community and can pull us together rather than drive us apart.

Please vote for Ken Koelsch for mayor on March 15.

Margaret Hedges, Elaine Menzies, Kathy Vanderjack, Rosemary Matt, Mary Lou Peterson, Julie Orsborn and Jan Somerville,

Juneau Residents