Letter: Vindiction

Why is it that my Legislature, in the midst of our state’s financial straits, continues insisting on enactment of spurious, with often inflationary operating costs — bills like House Bill 156, bills that contrarily make outlaw education funding from benefactors harmless to the state’s budget? Not wishing to name names, we have legislators pushing for passage of their private vindications, vilifying public endowments even as our culture (as it must!) turns away from my state’s nearly 50-year endowment?

These obstinate attacks on the welfare of my Alaskan brethren has no place in a civilized society. The maker, or makers, of this illegitimate attempt to invoke Sharia-like laws through secular governance, HB 156, is not only treasonous but essentially, terrorism. Is my Legislature harboring terrorists?

Please, Gov. Bill Walker, I don’t care if HB 156 finds inclusion in any other bill, even one critical to the financial health and solvency of Alaska, do not sign on to this barbarianism!

John S. Sonin,