Letter: The first rule of good governance is to do not harm

Developing and improving Alaska’s school system takes a great deal of thought, planning and cooperation of all Alaskan stakeholders. We should not tie the value of our youth to the price of oil or any other financial factors.

The potential of our students is the greatest natural resource of Alaska. Empowering them to achieve their potential, even in times when the state needs to tighten our financial belt, will lead to long-term health and prosperity for all Alaskans.

Whether it’s a plan from the Legislature or a plan from the governor, we must have a well-thought-out, logical and rational plan which is clearly in the best interest of all Alaskans. Such a plan must include long-term strategies of support for our public education system and the future of our young adults.

Thank you for working together to safeguard our thriving healthy state for our future generations.

Charlene Arneson