Letter: Stuff doesn’t just happen

Thank you reporter Alissa J. Rubin and all the other news people who contributed to the New York Times article, published on Oct. 4, about the bombing of a Doctor’s Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. I believe we Americans deserve to know the truth regarding what is occurring in other parts of the world. Unlike Jeb Bush, I do not believe “stuff just happens” is a rational explanation for our actions. Instead, I see it as an attempt to avoid responsibility for actions we do not want to own up to.

I know there are Americans who do not want the truth published about our actions around the world. They will have long, drawn-out investigations, and either no one will be held accountable or someone low on the hierarchy will be thrown under the bus. Or spin will be applied like “collateral damage” to minimize the tragic deaths of innocent men, women and children. Or they will direct our attention to the need for gun control to stop our domestic crimes like recently were committed at the college in Oregon.

I doubt if you are any more numbed than I am. I am ready for a change that I can believe in.

Hugh R. Hays