Letter: Second Amendment rights: Everyone should have a gun

I’m a firm believer in the Second Amendment and this talk of gun restrictions has me deeply disturbed. Now Obama wants to take executive action forcing typical average Americans who sell more than 50 guns per year to be treated the same as any other gun dealer! This will require them to have background checks done on every single person they sell guns to!

Next Obama will undoubtedly be pushing for mandatory background checks for every gun sale everywhere! And what’s next? Requiring a mental health check before “allowing” gun ownership. This is outrageous and an infringement of our constitutional rights!

Despite what President Obama, the liberals and the “lame stream media” have been saying – we all know the truth. It is increasingly obvious that the LACK of sufficient numbers of guns in our society is the reason so many mass killings have taken place. This gun shortage is something the next President must take immediate action to remedy. The solution is just as obvious as the problem.

The next President of the United States must promise to provide every single man, woman and child above the age of sixteen, with a military grade, fully automatic rifle and require they carry it with them wherever they go. Only by asserting our Second Amendment rights can we ensure the peace and reduce the violence plaguing our country!

Norbert Chaudhary,