Letter: Revise all zoning laws

As a young child in the early sixties I can remember my sister and me walking to the neighborhood gas station to put 15 cents in the soda machine for a pop on a hot summer day. I can remember walking to the neighborhood pharmacy to get penny candies. I can remember walking to the neighborhood movie theatre on a Saturday afternoon to catch the matinee. I can remember walking to the neighborhood bakery for hot out of the oven Italian bread. I can remember walking to the neighborhood grocery store to fetch a gallon of milk, and I remember walking to where my mom worked as a bookkeeper at a small business in our neighborhood so I could walk home with her when she was done with her work day. The car was something that mostly sat in the yard until weekends when we drove to Hamden to see Gram. Everything we needed or desired could be obtained in our neighborhood, and was always within walking distance.

I could go on, but I’m sure most people are getting the point. As cities spread out into the burbs, somebody somewhere decided neighborhoods should contain residences only, and that no business can co-exist in a residential area. This line of thought has ruined our neighborhoods, which used to be a place where anyone could work or play in the comfort zone of their own neighborhood. Lets not be foolish, we all probably agree we would not be happy with a metal scrap yard next door to our home, but what about a bakery, pharmacy or grocery store?

I think its time to revisit all zoning laws, and allow the people to once again have a true neighborhood.

Linda A. Orr,

Realtor/Property Manager,

Coldwell Banker Race Realty