Letter: Return Story to school board for another term

Thank you, Andi Story, for your 12 years of volunteer public service on the Juneau Board of Education. For four terms you have been a steadfast supporter of the young people in our community with the firm belief that a quality education system makes our community better. I am grateful for your years of advocacy efforts for funding and support for our school district.

I first became aware of Ms. Story and her efforts before our oldest son entered the Juneau School District. I would see her frequently in the Capitol during legislative sessions where she would frequently testify about education issues in front of various legislative committees. When our son entered the school district I began to attend school board meetings. In my experiences, Ms. Story’s thorough preparation, knowledge of board procedures and participation has been nothing short of professional.

Now, I have not agreed with every vote that Ms. Story has cast or every stance she has taken, but I do know she cares about every student and values the quality of their education experiences inside and outside of the classrooms. This spring I worked side-by-side with her on advocating for education funding at the state and local levels. Ms. Story’s steadfast support, willingness to be available for activities and involvement were nothing short of impressive and inspiring.

With three seats to be filled on the Juneau Board of Education in this municipal election, the personality and direction of the board will be influenced immediately by the three candidates elected. I am excited for new people with new ideas and perspectives to join this board because there are many challenges to be addressed. Ms. Story’s extensive knowledge of the Juneau School District, history with the budget, understanding of the legislative processes and firm connection to resources around the state will again be a great asset to the board. Please join me by casting your vote for Andi Story for the Juneau Board of Education on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Steve SueWing