Letter: Rape custody case

If you read the May article, “Twice the victim of a rapist,” in the Empire, you may remember that James Curtain proposed that my grandchild, who was conceived in rape, be given to the rapist’s father, Victor Manuel Torres Soto, of Petersburg, and allowed unlimited visitation to convicted sex offender Jonathan Chim, also of Petersburg. Mr. Chim was recently arrested on a parole violation for meth along with another sex offender at his home in Petersburg.

By simply stating these facts, the court may construe this letter as an act of hostility toward Mr. Chim. It is believed that this will have a negative impact on the child if he were exposed to the truth. Alaska law allows for the parental rights of rapists who conceive children to be terminated. This is the solution. This is also Federal law. If you read the story in Friday’s paper on Mary Hauge being given a 30-month sentence for child indangerment by allowing a convicted sex offender to care for their children, I wonder what my sentence will be if I do not.

Miles Curtis