Letter: Peterson’s Pretzels car magnet “found”

What was lost — this pretzel magnet — is now found.

What was lost — this pretzel magnet — is now found.

I must admit I am embarrassed. In a moment of frustration, I submitted a Letter to the Editor [Letter: Please return my pretzel magnet] in hopes of persuading a suspected thief to return my property. I must say, based on the number of people who have inquired as to the whereabouts of our missing car magnet, I’d say the Empire’s readership is strong.

Fortunately, we have good news. The magnet has been “found,” not returned. It appears our daughter removed the car magnet to place it on another vehicle in hopes of avoiding a ticket for temporarily parking in a “commercial loading zone.” You see, we don’t have large commercial vehicles as small business owners. We must use our own vehicle, and fortunately the fine folks at Docks and Harbors graciously allow us to use those commercially designated locations since our car magnet tells them we are “commercial.” So, in the end, the magnet wasn’t “stolen” as I suspected, but rather “borrowed” by our very own daughter. Thank you to all who inquired. I do apologize for my hasty submittal.

Chris Peterson,

Peterson’s Pretzels