Letter: Muñoz fails litmus test of character

I have worked with children for over 40 years as a teacher. Over the years I have had dozens of children in my classes who have been physically and sexually abused. I have held sobbing children while they told me stories that were so horrific and detailed that I can never forget them. Because of these experiences, I have made it a point of personal education to continually read peer-reviewed research on the ongoing impact of childhood abuse as the children mature. The newer research paints an increasingly graphic picture of the lifelong effects of childhood abuse. We all know about or should be able to anticipate the lifetime of social/psychological scarring by these egregious breaches of trust and safety, but research is now showing that these traumas can also cause substantial neurological/physiological changes that predispose people to a host of autoimmune diseases throughout their lives.

The very idea that my elected representative in the state Legislature would advocate on behalf of any convicted sexual predator is appalling to me. The fact that she would do it using her legislative office is an unconscionable breach of professional responsibility. However, to fail to be honest and then try to cover up her actions or make claims that were directly refuted by the letters she had written, is quite simply a sign of complete and public dishonesty.

I recognize that Rep. Cathy Muñoz has advocated for some positive legislation during her time in the legislature. Her abject failure to advocate for the victims of abuse, but rather the family friend and fellow church member who were responsible for the abuse is, for me, the litmus test of her character, and she has failed.

It is time for a change. I am supporting Justin Parish for Representative from House District 34.

Deedie Sorensen,