Letter: Mixing apples and oranges

In Sherri Wes’ recent Letter to the Editor, she wondered how Jesus would react to the Catholic Diocese of Juneau’s inability to accept LGBTQ individuals.

I don’t know how long Sherri has lived in Juneau, but maybe she doesn’t know about the 40-year-old Catholic Community Services. It provides Southeast senior services, hospice and home care, child and family services, childcare assistance program, adult day program and Meals on Wheels, to name a few. They don’t ask if you are straight or gay. You are a person in need.

The Diocese also opens the grounds of the Shrine of St. Therese to the community; at one time, it had the only hospital in town and runs St. Vincent De Paul.

Our community is served by many other churches and nonprofit organizations, including the Glory Hole, the Salvation Army and Love INC.

One of the concerns of churches is being able to hire an individual who believes and follows their doctrines.

The proposed anti-discrimination ordinance is based on the Washington state law which is a very interesting read. It was on the CBJ web site. I suggest everyone read all 12 pages. We have many laws that deal with discrimination.

Vicki Kerr,