Letter: Mary Becker should continue as mayor

It surprised and saddened me to read comments about how Mary Becker is being treated by her fellow Assembly members, saying Juneau deserves an “elected” mayor.

Becker was elected to serve nine years on the school board, including four years as board president, before being elected to the Assembly in 2010. Since then, Becker has been elected Deputy Mayor four times. When my friend Greg Fisk became mayor last October, he had such confidence in her that he asked that she continue to serve in that capacity and the full Assembly voted Becker in as Deputy Mayor.

Becker has almost 16 years of elected public service experience and nearly eight years serving in leadership positions on those governing bodies. Yet somehow, the Assembly majority, in what appears to be contrary to former Mayor Fisk’s wishes, decided that instead of allowing Becker to serve out Fisk’s term until the next regular election, to hold a costly special election. Within a week of that decision, Assembly member Karen Crane, who voted for the special election, filed to run for mayor. That seems more than a little self serving.

There was no valid reason to schedule a special election. It’s an expense that wasn’t needed. It was insulting to Becker and did nothing to promote stability or continuity.

I hope the assembly can rethink their decision.

Brenda Hewitt,