Letter: Look for creative solutions

My opponent in the areawide Assembly race, Kate Troll, recently wrote a My Turn in which she described herself as a “social progressive” yet defended her vote to eliminate the sales tax exemption for Juneau seniors. How is it “socially progressive” to raise taxes on old people?

Many seniors in Juneau are disadvantaged relative to others in our community. That is because they are on fixed incomes and yet inflation keeps whittling away at their ability to pay their bills. During the debate on the senior sales tax exemption, out of concern for many struggling seniors I personally know, I spoke against eliminating the exemption.

My definition of progressive includes looking for creative solutions that spur economic development and spread the pain of budget cuts — but not target any one group of residents.

I also take issue with my opponent saying that disagreeing with someone’s position is by definition “divisive.”

As the Assembly campaign picks up steam, I look forward to discussing these and other important issues with voters and hearing their ideas to move Juneau forward.

Norton Gregory,

Candidate Areawide Assembly Race