Letter: In support of Koelsch

I strongly support Ken Koelsch who is running for mayor in the upcoming City and Borough of Juneau election on March 15. Ken is somebody who will read, think and carefully evaluate ordinances that come before the Assembly. He will look out for the educational needs of Juneau’s children while also making sure that he avoids supporting Juneau projects which are unnecessary and simply cost too much money. Ken is somebody you would invite to dinner — a person who can interact well with others because he is knowledgeable and can see other people’s viewpoints.

My family and I have known Ken for many years and we feel like he is part of our family. Ken shares the same values we do. He is honest and forthright. Ken is somebody who is willing to work hard for the benefit of all who live in Juneau.

Juneau and all of Alaska are facing some tough economic times. Budget items, like our ferry system and state employee salaries, are even now under review and attack!

Ken worked close with me during my 14 years in the House of Representatives. He cares for kids and they return that affection and lifelong commitment to him. Times ahead are going to place even more pressure on our capital city.

Ken is up to this challenge, and that’s why my wife Lucy and I support him in this election year.

Please vote for Ken Koelsch for mayor on March 15.

Bill Hudson,