Letter: Impact of black soot on glacier

Thanks you for your report on the scientific work done on the impact of black soot on our glaciers.

I have asked that it be shared with the Juneau Commission on Sustainability since it makes an important point, a point that directly impacts the economy of Juneau. The Mendenhall Glacier is our biggest tourist draw (and other glaciers seen in flight tours). Most cruise-ship visitors at least come to see our rapidly shrinking backyard glacier. And all those cruise ships and all those buses that take visitors to the glacier are rapidly contributing to its demise by spewing out black soot. The more ships and the more visitors, the more black soot.

We have an opportunity to comment on the JCOS’s Draft Energy Plan for CBJ (see CBJ website). I commented that CBJ pass an ordinance to require cruise ships to hook up to shore side power (even when modifications in their engineering are required) and to transition to electric buses (I proposed a loan fund). This article shows why such transitions are needed swiftly because of the impact of the current polluting practices on Juneau’s economy.

Margo Waring