Letter: Get money out of politics by executive order

The inexplicable U.S. Supreme Court decisions on Citizens United and McClutcheon are turning our nation into a deadly circus farce.

Barring any social reason from a Congress hell-bent on opting for solutions that most maximize private profit instead of social good, it appears our only recourse (short of another Constitutional Convention) will be to create a 28th Amendment to stop this “money-slaughter” of our organic body-politic!

Yet, until we can mobilize to that end, President Obama should curtail the use of our tax dollars in defeat of democracy’s “one man one vote” agency by issuing an executive order requiring all contracted recipients of treasury funds to disclose which elections are benefiting from our money.

An executive order issued by Obama stipulating all government contractors disclose their political donations is a step in the direction back to national sanity, and would have an immediate impact on the choices of “real people” at the ballot box.

Essentially, it would mean 70 of the Fortune 100 companies would cede disclosure of their political contributions. I would be most happy to know how much of my money is used by military contractors to lobby Congress — and not to enhance my security.

President Obama has indicated he supports taking steps toward greater transparency. Let’s “force his hand!”

John S. Sonin,