Letter: For Koelsch

The special election for Juneau’s mayor is coming soon, and we urge the citizens of Juneau to learn about the candidates who are running for office and to vote. A measure of any society is how that society treats its elders. Sadly, the Juneau Assembly chose to seek money from one of the most vulnerable populations in town — the senior — by severely reducing the Senior Tax Exemption. While younger folk may not have experienced what is called “fixed income” yet, let us explain that the amount we earn remains stationary and if we are lucky a small cost of living increase will be added. The problem is, the cost of living never covers the price increases.

Karen Crane simply doesn’t understand the problems the Assembly has caused by axing anything that we seniors don’t eat at home. She doesn’t seem to worry about what other seniors experience by having another reduction in what their pensions will buy. Is that any way to treat Juneau’s seniors? We don’t think so!

We encourage all Juneau voters to elect Ken Koelsch as mayor. Ken understands the impact that the elimination of most Senior Sales Tax Exemption items has had on seniors. Ken has a record of making the borough more efficient by eliminating waste and only voting for projects that makes sense.

Please vote for Ken Koelsch for mayor on March 15. Thanks.

Dorothy and Patrick Owen,