Letter: Cathy Muñoz, she gives so much of herself

Many of you know of me and my family, especially my grandson, SSgt. Thomas McRae, who was wounded in Afghanistan. Tom lost both of this legs, one arm and an eye. There were many people in Southeast Alaska who showed their concern, but no one showed compassion like Cathy Muñoz. She led the House of Representatives in a prayer for Tom when we received news of his injury.

This meant a great deal to our family. She also sponsored a citation honoring his service and sacrifice. We were so surprised to hear that she submitted a request to the Gary Sinise Foundation for a Smart Home for Tom. There was great concern that he could have his daughter with him. Without this home, where Tom and his daughter now live, it would be very difficult for him to live independently. This home helped to make that possible!

And when the Soboleff McRae Veterans Village was opened, she was there to speak for my husband. And she stood by me giving me the support of a friend. A friend who saw I was alone and came by my side and gave me the support and recognition as his widow.

When I remember these times and look at the personal photos of the events, I see a friend who supported, encouraged and stood with me in the rain at the Thunder Mountain Football game where my grandson was honored. And I remember the hugs, too.

Cathy Muñoz is more than a representative, or even as friend to me. She is part of my family. Not by blood or marriage but by her actions of caring and support.

I will always be grateful for the kindness she showed to me and my family. Cathy is a truly wonderful person.

Sarah McRae,