Letter: Bring PFD lottery to Alaska

This is just to present an idea that State residents might consider desirable. The lower 48 States just completed a drawing for a $1.58 billion Power Ball Lottery. Of course, Alaska is one of the seven states that do not participate in these Power Ball lotteries. The decision to not participate is based upon the leaders of Alaska’s Government (the executive, and legislative branches). The reason for this letter is to mention that it might be possible for Alaska to have a Lottery strictly for Alaska Permanent Fund qualified applicants who select a box on the Alaska Permanent Fund application form to withhold $2 (same as the Nenana Ice Classic ticket) to automatically enter your name into the Alaska Permanent Fund Lottery annual drawing for the Lottery Jack Pot. Here is an idea of how this Alaska Permanent Fund Lottery could work: (one ticket per applicant if they check box)

(1) Using 2014 PFD qualified applicants of 640,000 for this example.

(2) Rough estimate of Jack Pot would be 640,000 X $2.00 = $ 1,280,000 (operational expenses to be deducted)

(3) Suggested PFD Lottery State Operational Expense $280,000. Final Ak. PFD Jack= $1,000,000 annually.

Of course my voice is one lone voice in a forest. This idea needs ‘movers & shakers’ if you are out there. I am reminded of a piece of writing from long ago:

Hold Fast To Dreams

For If Dreams Die

Life Is A Broken Winged

Bird That Cannot Fly by Langston Hughes

Thank you for reading, and considering helping with starting this Ak PFD Lottery idea.

Bart Bremner,