Letter: Breaking the backs of seniors

It was announced this week that there would be a reduction of senior benefits. First of all, these people are already living well below the poverty level — that’s why we have these benefits. Most will maybe get $20 in food stamps, if that, for their $75 dollars, and that’s a big maybe. Many had low-paying service positions most of their lives and raised families on limited incomes. Now, when they are at an age when health issues arise on almost a daily basis, they have to deal with a reduction in their small living allowances. What were you ladies and gentlemen of the Legislature thinking? These are the folks who took care of you and yours when you were too young to do it for yourself. It was also done in a very sneaky way, so no one could object and or plan for this. We all know how much Alaskans like this tactic.

The measure of a society is how well it takes care of its young and elderly. This Legislature is clearly flunking out.

Sheila Higgins,