Letter: America is worth saving!

In 2011, I heard Sen. Marco Rubio (then a newly-elected senator) speak for the first time about the corruption in Washington and President Barack Obama’s actions that disregard the Constitution. I really felt his sincerity and urgency at the time and as I continued to watch him over the years in the Senate, his urgency and sincere desire to help this great nation has only increased. For months he has consistently been in the top three among GOP candidates primarily because of his expertise in foreign policy (the most important role of the president is to keep us safe), his enthusiasm to restore the reality of achieving the American dream, and most importantly, his understanding of middle-class Americans. Far from economic privilege, he was born to a family of two working parents, went into debt for his education and paid off his student loans as a working father. Having experienced economic hardship, he is passionate about helping young college students and families worried if they’re going to make it. While running for president, Rubio is spreading the message that Americans have to make a clear decision this election in 2016: to either leave our children with a life more prosperous than our own, or to inherit a country less safe, impoverished, with degraded family and traditional values and headed for financial ruin. It doesn’t have to be this way, as Rubio has stated. I firmly agree; the best years of our country lie ahead if we elect a new leader with new ideas that isn’t stuck in the past like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. As a millennial conservative, I am tired of corrupt politicians, Democrats, establishment Republicans and Tea Partyists alike. We need to return to conservative principles upon which the Constitution and this country were founded. These principles are constant, and Rubio holds fast to them, unlike Donald Trump and Ted Cruz who parrot what the frustrated public wants to hear just to get elected. On March 1, please join me and other conservatives across Alaska in voting for Sen. Marco Rubio. And please take the time to go to YouTube, search for and watch the video “America is worth Saving,” and then share it. And if you want to learn more about Rubio and conservative principles, type in #Millennialconservatives on fb to find my group.

Elijah Verhagen,