Letter: After plane crash, a hopeful recovery

Martha Mackowiak’s recovery after a plane crash south of Haines on Nov. 4, continues to inspire, with wonder and amazement, the grace of God and His mercies as well as the compassion and love of His people. I call her my Lazarus girl. Like Lazarus, she is not only alive physically but fully here mentally and spiritually.

Her chest tubes have been removed and she has been off the ventilator for one day. Her progress continues to surprise doctors, nurses and other caregivers daily. Sometimes her progress in a six-hour time period is astounding. There is a possibility that she will move from the ICU to acute care today (Tuesday).

For someone who drowned and then later suffered a cardiac arrest and low core temperature in the 70s, her recovery is nothing less than miraculous. We know that countless people are praying for her and we believe it is these prayers that point to the reasons for her recovery.

From the moment other hands were laid upon her, the compassion combined with professional skills and training have been overwhelming. From the helicopter pilots to the volunteer fire department who did CPR in the hospital; the incredible staff at Bartlett and ultimately the staff at Harborview, we have been filled with gratitude and thanksgiving. Those who watched over her have shown excellence in training, professionalism and especially compassion. We cannot thank all of them with any words.

We know that the Presbyterian Church in Haines has set up a fund to help with medical expenses. Gifts can be sent to: Martha Mackowiak Fund, P.O. Box 264, Haines, AK 99827.

We have also been told that one or more of the churches in Juneau have done the same. We currently do not have those details to share.

We are overwhelmed with the exceeding kindness and compassion our friends have shown us. We would ask for continued prayers. We will try to keep everyone informed of her continued progress.

Michael Mackowiak