In response to Moniak

The Friday, Sept. 18 column by Mr. Moniak on senior tax exemption opposition clearly illustrates why seniors are angry, frustrated and disgusted over this issue. Mr. Moniak implies that most, lots or some seniors can afford this tax increase proposed by the assembly and should just shut up and quit relying on the sympathy factor to avoid paying taxes.

I dare Mr. Moniak to find one example where seniors said they shouldn’t pay taxes or even additional taxes. What they have said is that they shouldn’t be the “only” ones experiencing a tax increase and “wealthy” seniors should not be defined by any senior couple making $49,151 or more or a single senior making $36,451 or more. Most seniors in Juneau are not wealthy by any standard. If Mr. Moniak wishes to place the taxation burden on the wealthy, he should propose a graduated income tax for all Juneau residents. That way the truly wealthy people in our community would be paying their fair share – not just a few so called wealthy seniors. Do you think that will be popular? His column represents the worst type of commentary because he chose not to seek the facts and tries to portray a group with whom he disagrees as being unreasonable and selfish.

Until Juneau seniors are treated fairly and respected for their long time contributions to this community they will only get angrier. Mr. Moniak doesn’t help with promoting internal harmony and only feeds the fires of discontent and resentment.

Juneau seniors were offered financial incentives to retire in Juneau because the Assembly, at that time, felt they wanted seniors to stay here, donate time and money to community services and be good citizens, parents and grandparents. Now, however, the the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Moniak, the City and the Assembly are trying to see how much they can gouge from the seniors before they say “uncle” and move. A sad day in Paradise.

Ron Somerville,