This photo shows an "I Voted Today!" sticker from a City and Borough of Juneau mail-in ballot for the upcoming municipal election. (Ben Hohenstatt / Juneau Empire)

Break out the blue or black ink for Will Muldoon

As the Juneau School Board faces familiar issues along with new and unexpected challenges, it’s vitally important to continue the thoughtful decision making of board members who are pledged to the mission of graduating diverse, engaged citizens. I’m thrilled that Will Muldoon chose to run a write-in campaign. I’ve known Muldoon in a few capacities over the last decade or so, I find him to be an asset to any community that he is part of.

His capacity to share information without making himself the subject underscores why I believe he’s the right candidate for school board. He’s thoughtful, inquisitive, and possesses that rare ability to see likely outcomes of proposed policy—all essential qualities for those who serve on any board. He’s someone who not only sees the problem, but also sees the solution and will be the first to roll up his sleeves and get to work on it.

As a union representative, I’ve found Will’s knowledge of public policy to be both insightful and balanced, and his approach to public process thorough and transparent. I know he’ll bring his thoughtful and positive qualities to the school board in service of our community’s families. I am excited to write in Will Muldoon for Juneau School Board, in blue or black ink.

Lizzie Solger,


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