An experienced and qualified school board is vital. That’s why I’m writing in Will Muldoon.

Stay safe and happy, Juneau.

As I write this, I am scheduling my daughter a COVID test…again. She woke up this morning with an almost undetectable snuffle. As I struggled to help her put on socks and fought through the pain of a herniated disc, I got a little, OK aybe a lot frustrated. Pandemic Parenting is the pits and sending our kids back, while still in a pandemic is not ideal. To put it simply, I am not qualified to lead my child’s education. So, keeping her in school… is vital.

Having an experienced and qualified School Board is also vital. I chose Will Muldoon as my preferred candidate for shool board. Muldoon is experienced, qualified and makes recommendations based on data and scientific fact. In addition to his experience as a data processor and mainframe oiperator for the state of Alaska, he has always shown a genuine passion for his civic responsibility as a member of our community. When it comes to parenting in a pandemic, I will rest easier knowing that Muldoon is in my corner and his recommendations always come from a place of honesty, truth and transparency. When you cast your vote, consider writing in Will Muldoon for school board. Stay safe and happy, Juneau.

Debrah Clements,


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