Support smokefree workplace bill

Smokefree workplace policies eliminate exposure to second-hand smoke for people in their workplaces and improve the health of children in their homes.

A recent study in the National Bureau of Economic Research on Aging and Health analyzed birthweight, gestation and health data on infants, children and their parents from 1990 through 2013. Those data were correlated to the first 100 percent smoke-free laws in California and other communities over two decades.

Women living in areas protected with smokefree policies had fewer premature and low birth weight births. Children living in protected communities had statistically significant reductions in asthma, allergies, emergency department visits and ear infections.

The greatest improvements were seen among children living in low-income homes and with parents who traditionally have the highest rates of smoking.

Comprehensive smokefree workplace policies improve the health of smokers, non-smokers and children.

Senate Bill 63, the Smokefree Workplaces bill, is currently is in the House Rules committee. It passed the Senate easily and over half of the House has signed on as cosponsors. It is a valuable and critical public health bill with strong bipartisan support and over 1000 resolutions of support from Alaskan businesses. It will support substantial and long lasting public and medical health for Alaskans when it is allowed to come to the floor for a vote and placement into law.

You are encouraged to “give the vote a chance.” We all can advocate for and support SB 63 for Alaska’s people and their health.

carolyn V Brown,