Stop tolerating shoplifting downtown

In response to a recent article posted about the closure of my shop, Haa Shagoon, I would like to say, that though the reasons for the current downtown situation may be myriad, my personal reasons are that I was no longer willing to tolerate the situation. The situation I speak of is the total lack of response to shoplifting, the lack of response to people standing on the corner blocking foot traffic, drinking, using and selling drugs, and being disrespectful.

You could blame many organizations, but I note that when I traveled to Sitka and Haines, I did not witness the same tolerance of such behavior.

I also note that the only new applications for business opportunities downtown, are bars and pot shops. That’s saying something about the community in general. To me, it’s like locals are so numb to how dysfunctional the community really is, they no longer recognize it for what it is. They think it’s normal. I don’t, and many others don’t. It’s an indictment of a point of view that is no longer acceptable to myself and many other shop owners downtown.

I left because I know myself, and know there is a point where I would respond in a manner which is not socially acceptable, and that is a shame on the people who are supposed to be the bearers of moral and legal standards.

Don Morgan,


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