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Many of us struggle to get to sleep. How many sheep do you need to count to get to sleep? How long must one stare at the ceiling to finally doze off?

There are far easier ways now than to wait for sleep to come. CBD, or cannabidiol, from the hemp plant, is one of the natural wonders that’s being used right now as an alternative sleep aid. According to various studies, CBD might help someone ease his way to a good night’s sleep.

Nowadays, CBD gummies have been the most preferred CBD product because of their effectiveness and versatility. However, with the abundance of them in the market right now–what are the best CBD gummies for sleep in 2022?

Top 5 CBD Gummies for Sleep Management

  • Best Overall CBD Gummies – Cornbread Hemp Full-Spectrum Flower-Only™ CBD Gummies
  • Best Low-Calorie CBD Gummies – Seabedee CBD-Infused Gummies
  • Best CBN Gummies – Neurogan CBN Calm Gummies
  • Best THC Gummies – VIIA Hemp Delta 9 Gummies
  • Most Innovative Hemp Gummies – Mary Jane CBD Dispensary MJCBD Delta 8 + CBN Nighttime Gummies 500MG Mixed Berry

CBD Gummies Are Preferred by Most Consumers

According to a recently conducted Forbes Health Survey, CBD gummies are the most preferred by users in the past years toppling over the very ubiquitous CBD oil. Most likely, people are sticking with CBD gummies because CBD gummies are pretty easy and fun to take.

In addition, you may choose to add them to your routine with no difficulty. Hemp manufacturers nowadays prepare specially formulated hemp gummies depending on what you need them for and when you need them.

Do you want CBD and other cannabinoid benefits but are afraid that some of the possible side effects might show? Then, might as well go for CBD night time gummies, first. Try taking CBD in the evening before bed. This will support healthy sleep cycles first, but you may also notice additional benefits throughout your day. Aside from targeting insufficient sleep, you may also make the most of other CBD’s strong points.

Can CBD And Other Cannabinoids May Be the Solution to Your Sleep Deprivation?

CBD and cannabis use stem back centuries ago of history. The Cannabis sativa plant has been used by many generations for health and wellness. In the 1800s, cannabis was finally introduced to western medicine – however, it was eventually banned in the early 1900s.

To spite the bans placed on cannabis, people continued to use hemp products for the relief that it was able to provide. Now, let’s look at how the major cannabinoid CBD and the minor cannabinoids help in natural sleep management.


CBD is one of the main cannabinoids that has been enjoying the spotlight right now because of its dozens of therapeutic benefits. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties, on top of having the potential to aid in managing the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases and other serious illnesses. The best CBD for sleep should be able to potentially target:

  • Stress-induced sleep deprivation – It’s very common for those who have insomnia to have higher cortisol levels. For you to have a good night’s sleep, your body must maintain low cortisol levels. According to a study, the CBD in the CBD gummies might help in regulating cortisol levels.
  • Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior DisorderRBD, a type of parasomnia, is a common forewarning for neurodegenerative conditions. Besides its serious consequences, RBD might even bring on unforeseen accidents while a person is sleeping. Based on a small study, a substantial reduction in the frequency of RBD-related symptoms in four respondents was observed after CBD administration.

Delta-9 THC

Delta-9 THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It helps in pain relief and has sedative effects that may help you ease your way into sleep. However, it is important to note, that sleep disturbances occur frequently for heavy marijuana users – another reason THC is always kept at the lowest level in legal hemp products.

Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 THC is one of the minor cannabinoids that has become the talk of the town lately because of some controversies. When we look at preliminary studies and pieces of evidence, delta 8 THC may be a great way to correct sleep cycles. It has the same effect as the delta 9 THC, but it’s milder.


CBN, or cannabinol, is slowly gaining traction because of its potential for pain and inflammation management. As of now, the benefits of CBN on sleep-deprived people still need to be further explored. It is worth noting though that, in a study, CBN combined with CBD may significantly improve sleep quality.

Entourage Effect

There are many more minor cannabinoids that are sprouting in the market that are worth considering. Not only do they have additional benefits for improving sleep quality, but they also come in handy if you want to experience the entourage effect. It’s a phenomenon when all the cannabinoids and terpenes work together and therefore enhance the effects of the CBD.

Why CBD Gummies Are Worth Considering

Sleep is very important to one’s health. An individual should be able to get at least seven hours of sleep to maintain bodily functions and boost their immune system to prevent illnesses. With the help of CBD gummies, insufficient sleep won’t be a problem.

  • CBD gummies are not habit-forming. Prescription sleep medications are mostly habit-forming and produce side effects. Unlike prescription sleep aids, most CBD gummies found on our Top 5 list are all-natural. It does not produce the same negative side effects as some other medications used to treat sleep disorders.
  • CBD gummies are non-addictive. They only contain the right amount of THC – enough to work synergistically with the CBD and other beneficial ingredients. CBD does not cause feelings of euphoria or intoxication, which can be problematic for some people.
  • CBD gummies are convenient and are discrete to carry. Even with the CBD boom, using hemp products is still met with judge-y eyes. You can easily take them with you on the go and they will not draw attention to themselves.

Tips On How to Look for The Best CBD Products for Sleep Management

To ensure the effectiveness of CBD in the CBD gummies, you always check that they are safe and effective. Certifications and approval seals are worthy to check out as they’re inarguably the best proof to back a CBD product’s claim to aid in improving one’s sleep cycle habits.

  • Choose a CBD product that is effective and safe. Look for CBD sleep aid gummies that have been lab-tested for purity and potency. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires hemp companies to get every batch of their CBD products analyzed for contaminants and cannabinoid concentration by authorized independent laboratories.
  • Check the other ingredients aside from the CBD for sleep gummies. If you’re trying to ween away from the side effects of prescription sleep aids, CBD products that are made with organic or natural ingredients are the way to go. In addition, hemp companies try to boost the benefits of CBD by adding other ingredients that may be useful for sleep improvement.
  • Investigate a hemp company’s reputation and service. The best CBD for sleep most likely will come from a company that is reputable and has an excellent track record – customer feedbacks are mostly positive. Finally, you want to make sure that the company offers a money-back guarantee so that you can return the product if it does not work for you.

CBD Gummies for Sleep: The Best of 2022

BrandFlavorActive IngredientMg per bottlePriceWhere to buy
Cornbread HempNaturalFull-Spectrum CBD300 Mg$39.99 Buy Now
SeabedeePeachCBD (Thc free)300 Mg$14.95 Buy Now
Viia HempWatermelonCBD + Delta 9 THC750 Mg$35.00 Buy Now
NeuroganWatermelon & Wild BerryFull-Spectrum CBD

THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD

2700 Mg$69.95 Buy Now
MJ CBDDMixed BerryDelta 8 + CBN500 Mg$39.99 Buy Now

Even with the thorough research and tips for purchasing the best natural CBD gummies for sleep that we’ve discussed in this article, it’s still tough to say what’s the ultimate best in the market right now.

Every individual is unique – what works for you might not work for someone else. Factors like body composition, medical history, frequency of cannabis use and many more should be well-considered when you’re about to buy CBD edibles for sleep.

To cater to everyone, we selected the top 5 CBD gummies you may take into consideration. Each has its compelling attributes, on top of them having the high-quality and potent CBD. So, what must you select from the best of the BEST?

1 – Cornbread Hemp Full-Spectrum Flower-Only™ CBD Gummies



  • Full-spectrum CBD extract – great for those who want to get the maximum entourage effect.
  • Flower-only hemp sourcemature hemp flowers are where the best cannabinoid profile materializes.
  • USDA-organic certified – only a few hemp companies get certification from the USDA for their organic CBD manufacturing.
  • Organic ingredients and flavoring – best for those who want an all-natural CBD gummy choice.


  • THC content – even though it’s low, it might be problematic for those who are veering away from this psychoactive cannabinoid.
  • Only comes in one flavor – not perfect for those who want variety from time to time.

The Cornbread Hemp CBD Gummies may be right for you if…

You are looking for the best synergy of CBD and other cannabinoids. Cornbread Hemp CBD Gummies are with all-natural and vegan ingredients. Cornbread Hemp has always been known for its commitment to providing the highest quality of hemp products in the market. They grow their hemp in the state of Kentucky, where the soil and the waters are nutritious.

2 – Seabedee CBD-Infused Peach Rings Gummies



  • THC-free – perfect for professionals and those who are just getting into hemp products.
  • Fat-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free – perfect for those who have dietary restrictions.
  • Authentic peach flavor – these CBD gummies are, according to customer reviews, delicious and true to their peach flavor promise.
  • Low-calorie gummy – perfect for those who are calorie-counting.


  • Only comes in one flavor – those who aren’t a fan of fruit (i.e., peach) might not like this variety.

The Seabedee CBD Gummies may be right for you if…

You want tasty low-calorie and THC-free gummies. The Seabedee CBD Infused Gummies are filled to the brim with peach goodness and yet they’re only 10 calories per gummy! That’s right, for those who are watching their diet, the Seabedee has concocted the best CBD gummy for you.

3 – VIIA Hemp Delta 9 Gummies in Watermelon



  • Organic non-GMO ingredients – vegan-friendly option.
  • Highly potent THC content – highest yet legal content of THC in each gummy
  • Award-winning and highly reviewed – their gummies have received accolades and have been featured on various YouTube channels.


  • High THC content – though compliant, the THC composition might be a lot for the newbies.

The VIIA Hemp CBD Gummies may be right for you if…

You are looking for the “highest-rated legal Delta 9 THC Gummies on the market”. Yes, the VIIA Hemp has risen to the top of the CBD food chain by providing the very potent Delta 9 Gummies. The VIIA Hemp Cloud 9 High Spectrum Gummies have the perfect blend of CBD and delta 9 THC without having to go over the required THC content.

4 – Neurogan CBN Calm Gummies for Sleep



  • Available in Full-spectrum and Broad-spectrum THC-free varieties – perfect for those who are particularly CBD and THC ratios.
  • Available in tasty flavor – mixed two fruity flavors watermelon and wild berry if in case you wanna improve your daily routine.
  • Specifically made for sleep management – these CBD gummies are specially formulated for those who want to improve their sleep cycles.


  • Weird texture – according to customer feedback, the gummies have a rubbery feel when eaten.
  • Comparably pricier – since it contains another cannabinoid (CBN), the CBD gummies are relatively pricier than any other gummies on the market.

The Neurogan CBN Gummies may be right for you if…

You are looking for a CBD alternative–in the guise of CBN. The Neurogan CBN Gummies contain the right amount of CBN mixed with CBD. If you want to take advantage of the new player in the hemp market to help you sleep, then this should be the perfect option for you.

5 – Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary MJCBD Delta 8+CBN Nighttime Gummies in Mixed Berry



  • Specifically made for those who are sleep-deprived – as the name shows, the blend is formulated for those who need a sleep aid and want instant effects.
  • 1:1 ratio – equal amounts of delta-8 THC and CBN are infused per gummy.


  • Does not contain CBD – instead, it contains other potentially sleep-inducing cannabinoids – the delta 8 THC and CBN.

The Mary Jane’s Delta 8 + CBN Gummies may be right for you if…

You’re feeling adventurous and want to try the up-and-coming minor cannabinoids in the market. The MJCBD Delta 8+CBN Nighttime Gummies 500MG Mixed Berry maintains the 1:1 ratio of the delta-8 and CBN. If you’re asking if these can compete with CBD oil gummies for sleep, then our answer is YES. Both cannabinoids are being used right now by consumers to help them in relaxation and sleep.

Have You Decided Yet? The Best Gummies for Sleep CBD, THC, and CBN?

After providing you with five great options for CBD gummies to help with sleep in 2022, we hope you get closer to your final decision! All the options are affordable and have great reviews. The top 5 gummies are perfect for those who are looking for a natural way to improve their sleep. Let us know what you’ve chosen. And if you still need more information before purchase, contact each brand’s customer service.

Frequently asked questions

Are CBD gummies safe?

Overall, CBD gummies are a safe and effective way to consume CBD. Just be sure to purchase from a reputable source and start with a low dose.

Can CBD Gummies help sleep better?

CBD has been shown to interact with receptors in the brain that are involved in regulating sleep and wakefulness. In one study, rats that were given CBD slept for longer periods of time than those that didn’t receive the compound. CBD may also increase levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays a role in promoting sleep.

While more research is needed, there is some evidence to suggest that taking CBD gummies before bed may help you sleep better.

How many CBD gummies should I take for sleep?

You can start with a lower dose and increase gradually as needed. For most people, taking 1-2 gummies 30 minutes before bed will be enough to promote better sleep.

How often do I need to take CBD gummies for sleep?

The answer may vary depending on the person. Some people may find that they only need to take CBD gummies a few times per week in order to see results, while others may need to take them every night.

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